Did You Know That Automated Data Collection System is Present in Your Household Items, Too?

Automated data based system is also popular as computer data based system. It is basically a system which collects information, organizes it and then stores it. Automated data based system is not a very unusual system; it is present everywhere but is left unnoticed. Data based system is used when you want easy access to your stored data.

Your most commonly used electronic devices have automated data collection system installed in it. You just have to pay a little attention around you and you will find many devices that you use in your daily life that bears automated data collection system.

Various household items have the automated data collection system stored in them like;

Personal computers
The main purpose of computer is to store and organize data. Data collection system helps the computer to fulfill its purpose in the most efficient manner. The most commonly used data collection system is your e-mail address book. Whenever an e-mail is received or sent this system automatically stores it in your inbox or sent items and organizes it according to the time and date. This system is also designed to store all the addresses of the recipient in your e-mail address book. Computer data based system can collect and process a huge amount of data without much difficulty and will also reduce the chances of error.

Mobile phones
Your mobile phones also have a data collection system. It stores all the text messages you send and receive and organizes it according to the time, date and the name of the recipient. Plus the cell phones also have a built in system on controlling the games installed and save it and re start it when the user wants to play again.

Now-a-days refrigerators are made with a built in technology about the cooling system which is automatic and this system controls the temperature of the various levels of food storage. The deep freezer part will have a different system and temperature; the ice cube maintenance part will keep a temperature suited to its need and so on. Recently the refrigerators have door cooling system which keeps all products cool according to their need. The various boxes to store in fruits and vegetables also have different cooling levels.

They have an automatic system of knowing the right timing of preparing your food. The recent development of microwave ovens show that the oven would exactly know and have an automatic system installed in them about how much time is needed to toast, broil, cook chicken, meat etc. we as customers just have to press the correct button and we will have to just for the food to get cooked.

Your car, especially the automatic ones, also have a built in knowledge of gear management etc. mechanics connect their computers to your car to find out which part is not working accordingly and what repairs are needed.

Thus, in the modern world of today living without this system seems impossible. But even then this rare system goes un noticed due to lack of knowledge on the part of the users. Well, next time you buy a new household item do think of the advantages such a system provides you with.

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