Guidelines For Effective Network Marketing Business Opportunity Presentations

You have done all of the hard work to get leads, you qualified the leads, you set an appointment with a great prospect but then you mangle the presentation beyond words. Do not despair, do not get upset with yourself, but do not set another appointment until you have a good game plan in place to do presentations in a professional manner.

One of the first things you need to decide is if you are going to do the presentation yourself or whether you will get someone else to do it. Normally if you get someone else to do it should be your sponsor or an upline member you have a relationship with and who you know can do a good job.

If you decide to do it yourself then you need to make sure you know your material front to back. You also need to decide if you will do a live presentation or a presentation using material available to you like a website presentation, a DVD you can play, or some other form of presentation where you can dictate what gets presented to your prospect.

Always make sure that, irrespective of what method you decide on to use that your prospect gets all of the information required to make an intelligent decision based on his circumstances.

Ok, so we now know what we are going to do, let’s get to the moment of the presentation.

You have your prospect with you in a location that will not distract his or your attention. You have your material ready and you are raring to go.

Relax, step back a minute and think this through.

Think why your prospect would join you. He is already somewhat convinced he likes you because he wouldn’t be meeting with you if he wasn’t. He probably has some positive vibe about network marketing, and he is likely looking for something different.

Your job now is to NOT sell him. Your job is to provide him with enough information to make a good and solid decision for him and his family.

I like to start things off talking about the prospects dreams. During your prospecting and qualification process you must have delved a bit into finding out what his “Why” is. Take this a little bit further now and start discussing some of the benefits of the Network Marketing lifestyle but tailor it to address the desires your prospect raised during the qualification process.

Any good network marketing opportunity should have a well designed business presentation ready for you to use that will include enough facts about your industry (for example the wellness industry or the energy industry) that you don’t have to go and dig for stuff to say.

Follow your presentation but keep on finding ways to refer to their expressed wants in the presentation. Subtly keep on bringing in ways that Network Marketing can satisfy their wants and build their dreams in a positive manner. Never make claims you cannot back up with facts and never ever lie to anyone.

When presenting your opportunity keep in mind that you are presenting yourself as a potential sponsor more than what you are presenting a vitamin or soap or berry drink. You are also presenting an alternative to your prospects current lifestyle.

When you finish your presentation and your prospect can see himself working with you and he can see himself making a positive change in his lifestyle because of his relationship with you, then he will join. If he cannot then he will give you the song and dance of not enough time, not enough money, not enough this or that.

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