Ideas for Presenting and Displaying Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can be decorations for the wedding, just as much as the centerpieces, flowers, and table linens are. Wedding favors are a way to say thank you to your guests attending your wedding, so the presentation and display of them as well as the favor itself should reflect you style. Let’s discuss some unique ideas on how to present your wedding favors at your reception.

If you wedding favors do not come in deluxe packaging, spice up your favors with some pretty favor packaging. Beautiful wrapping in gift boxes, pretty paper and personalized labels or tags will give your favors a custom look. This is a great idea for weddings with a special color theme, you can purchase any wedding favor you want and with some custom wrapping, make it match your colors.

Personalize your wedding favors. Make your wedding favors more personal by engraving, attaching personalized ribbon, or add a handwritten note to your favors. Adding a small note of thanks will give your favors an added personal touch. If your handwriting is not the best, enlist the help of a friend or calligrapher.

Make your wedding favors multi-functional. Attach a tag or label with your guests’ names and table numbers and place them near the entrance to serve as escort cards as well as wedding favors. There are many place card frames which serve to display place cards as well as provide your guests a miniature photo frame for their wallet sized photos.

A popular idea for centerpieces is the breakaway centerpiece, where guests remove an element of the centerpiece and take it home. Using pretty boxes, you can stack and create a beautiful centerpiece using just your favors. At the end of the evening, guests each take a favor.

If you rather not just have favors stacked as a centerpiece, you can gather several vases or candles together to serve as a centerpiece decoration and have each guest take one piece of the centerpiece home.

Another popular idea is to dress up each place setting with a wedding favor. If you are having assigned seating you can place placecard holders with each guests’ name at their setting. Likewise you can place candy, candles, tealights, or any other favor directly on the setting to make sure each guest receives a favor. Many favors are decorative and will add color and sparkle to your tables.

If your tables appear crowded with flowers, table settings and food, you can also hang your favors from the back of each chair. Not only is this a creative way to display your wedding favors, it will add color to each chair. Using a pretty bag with handles or with ribbon, you can hang them from each chair.

Place a basket or a table near the exit of the reception with your wedding favors on it. Make a pretty table card thanking your guests for attending and alerting them to take a favor before they leave. Note though, some attending may take more than one, so plan on purchasing extras if you plan on displaying your favors this way.

If you are having a winter themed wedding, purchase small trees to use as centerpieces and decorate them by hanging small wedding favors from their branches. If your wedding isn’t during the winter you could purchase topiaries or other seasonal trees and still hang items from them.

If you have children in your wedding party, you can assign the flower girl and ring bearer to go to each table with a basket of wedding favors. Make sure you tell the children to hand out one favor to each guest.

During dessert, you could also have a waiter serve wedding favors with coffee and cake. Make sure you give the wait staff instructions on how to distribute your wedding favors, one per guest or one per couple.

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