Important Aspects You Need to Consider in Giving a Presentation

If necessary, before giving presentation, prepare a presentation slide and other visual aids. In this modern age, almost all presentations have been using computer slides using PowerPoint or other similar programs. The general principle in preparing slide is keeping it simple. Your listeners want to be explained a difficult problem that becomes easy. Not an easy problem that becomes difficult and complicated.

It should be noted that the slide of presentation is a tool, not the presentation itself. “You are the presenter, not the slide.” You are the one that determines whether the presentation will be interesting or not. If this visual tool is in line with the message you convey verbally, you can use it. But, if the tool makes the audience more confused, avoid using it.

Principle that needs to be considered in preparing slides is to use only the main and important points. Do not create too detailed slide that contains all the things you will say. If that is done, the audiences will read the slides and they no longer listen to your words anymore. As the result, the presentation purpose becomes a failure.

Some tips on making the slide is not too much text in a slide. Use drawings, diagrams and charts to help explain a concept, data and fact. Do not create a slide that is too complex because it would be difficult to understand in a short time by the audience. It also tends to make the audiences tired, so they do not focus on what you say.

In addition to the slide, there are many other tools that you can use, such as flip charts, samples, videos, and even your own body language. Consider and prepare if you need the tool.

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