Presentation is Key

When you hit the stage with that ‘latest and greatest’ trick, remember that it is not about the trick. The key is in the presentation of the trick. As I was watching on of my friends do his show, I looked at Rocco and remember thinking, he has this audience in the palm of his hands and he is working his whole stage show from a briefcase.

What was Rocco’s secret? What does he do to win every magic contest he enters? What does he do to win award after award? What does he do to get standing ovations during every show? I did not have to ask him, I already knew his secret. Did he practice? Yes, but that was not the key. You see, it was in his flawless presentation.

Everything that was done had a reason to be done. Every line that was delivered was delivered in such a way that it hit a chord with the audience and led into the next line or movement. Rocco is one of the most unique artists I have ever seen.

Once you get to this point when you can take an item and do something with it – perhaps a movement or a joke or even a wordless action – once you can do this using only presentation, the tricks you do become unimportant. Forget the newest trick, forget the move that you must do day in and day out for thirty years to get flawless so you can use it – all this is wonderful and enjoyable. If you want to do that for your skill sets fine. If you want to knock an audience dead however, use your skills in presentation.

It does not matter if you use death defying escapes or huge stage props or do your whole forty five minute stage show from a small brief case. If you make presentation your friend and relate to each audience member on a personal level, you have it made.

If you are looking for new tools of the trade, that is great. Just remember to keep that old friend and tool called presentation sharp. With this tool, with this mindset, with this skill of presentation you will be able to lead any audience in any part of the world anywhere you want to take them.

Next time when you are watching your favorite television show or artist or magician, watch them use the are of presentation.

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